Microsoft has recently launched a new luxurious accessory for the Surface Pro 4 that comes with exquisite materials and a more premium price.

The so-called Signature Type Cover for the Surface Pro 4 comes with the exact same features as the standard versions, but it is covered in Alcantara, a more expensive material that’s often used in cars. The keyboard thus features a two-tone grey mix of Alcantara, which Microsoft claims makes it feel really awesome to the touch and look beautiful from every angle.
“The Signature Type Cover is crafted from our latest generation of Surface Pro keyboards, giving you the perfect amount of travel in every keystroke, spaced keys for faster typing, and a larger glass trackpad,” Microsoft says when describing the new Type Cover.
The accessory is available for just $159.99 (€140), which is quite a small price to pay, given the fact that it comes with such premium materials.
In terms of features, the new Type Cover works exactly the same as the standard versions, and in addition to the Surface Pro 4, it also supports the previous model, so you can connect it to a Surface Pro 3 as well. It weighs only 285 grams and sports the typical layout, with a full row of function keys and dedicated buttons for Windows shortcuts, media controls, and screen brightness key.