Fans of Destiny has been long waiting for the development team at Bungie to launch the big April free update for the social shooter and the studio is saying that deployment will take place starting at 6 PM Greenwich Mean Time, 10 AM Pacific Standard Time or 7 PM Central European Time, with an interval of about two hours required to make sure that the upgrades are distributed and server changes implemented.

According to the company, those playing on the PlayStation 4 will get a 1,718 MB update while those on the Xbox One will have to download a file that's 1,736 MB big, with lower sizes associated with older home consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

The official Twitter channels associated with the company will offer updates on the downtime associated with the April update for Destiny and also claims that once it goes live, players will have to sign in again to play.
Bungie has been very good at server maintenance for Destiny, and the process for the delivery of update 2.2 will probably go smoothly, with a full list of patch notes offered once all the tweaks have been implemented.
Players who engage with the social shooter on the PlayStation 4 will get able to get a special weapon, a new quest line and some extra gear for their Guardian.
Destiny is adding a new strike and tweaking Prison of Elders According to Bungie, the focus of the free April update is on Player versus Environment action because the community demanded it and the company is introducing a wide array of bug fixes and changes for weapon classes and individual Exotics to improve the balance.
A new strike will mean that groups have more opportunities to take out enemies and secure loot and the social shooter now also features a new mission and a revamped take on Prison of Elders that comes complete with extra rewards.
The April update for Destiny also adds Sterling Treasure, associated with certain activities, to make sure that players can get their own Guardian up to the new max Light level, and the Chroma option is added to make it easier to personalize a character.
The social shooter is set to also get a more classic paid expansion before the end of the year, and Bungie and Activision have confirmed they are looking to deliver a full sequel in 2017 and more updates will be offered for the current version in the meantime.