The development team at The Creative Assembly and SEGA are making a risky move into the fantasy space with their coming Total War: Warhammer and the two companies seem interested in keeping gamers engaged with the strategy title via a range of downloadable content packs and free updates.

The official site delivers a clear look at plans for new units, which can shake up factions from a tactical standpoint, magic powers to improve race strategies and more, all of them designed to keep gamers playing and trying out new things.
The Creative Assembly adds, "Perhaps most importantly for long-term replayability, you can also expect to see the occasional new Legendary Lord, who will shake up a race’s strategic potential in interesting new ways. Last but not least, towards the end of the year we will add a new playable race to the game, including new Legendary Lords, magic items, quest chains, and units."
The studio is offering the image attached to this article to show its plans but says that they might change depending on the way the community reacts to initial releases and other factors.
Total War: Warhammer will be offered only on the PC and gamers will be able to get access to it on May 24 of this year.
Paid DLC will add races, Lords, and units When it comes to content that gamers need to buy Total War: Warhammer will feature a few types of purchasable packs.
The Lord Packs offer new leaders and also introduce more characters and support units for the races featured in the initial release, with The Creative Assembly saying quest chains, campaign bonuses, items, and special units of renown based on already existing troops will be featured.
Full race packs are also planned for Total War: Warhammer, both entirely new ones and others based on minor that cannot be initially played, a system that the developers have also used for its historically based titles.
The Creative Assembly is also working on campaign packs, with special narration-driven quests that are centered on some of the biggest events from the lore of the Games Workshop universe but also with access to an extra race, units and more.
Presumably, the Chaos warriors’ faction that is only offered to those who pre-order Total War: Warhammer will be delivered as a separate purchase at some point before the studio moves to explore minor factions and other interesting lore events.