Video game developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts are delivering the first official teaser trailer for their upcoming Titanfall 2, saying that they are aiming to offer a bigger reveal about the shooter, and the core features it will deliver on launch on June 12.

This first footage associated with the new project is short but seems to suggest that the narrative of the experience is getting more attention than the original did, which might be an indication that a full story campaign is considered by the two companies.
The core shooter elements of Titanfall 2 will probably be instantly familiar to all fans of the genre or those who played the original and the distinction between fast pilots, who need to move to stay alive, and powerful mechs, who can use their firepower to control space, is still present.
The most interesting gameplay related element of the teaser trailer is a Titan, who is using a sword to take out enemies, which is a cool idea but will require a lot of balancing to work well.
Electronic Arts is apparently making Titanfall 2 one of the main projects that it plans to talk about during its E3 2016 associated press conference, which will take place on June 12, but the company is not saying whether a playable element will be present at the show or its own events.
Titanfall 2 will explore themes linked to colonization and exploitation Respawn has been offering relatively cryptic hints about its plans for the shooter, saying that the plan is to introduce a lot of innovation for those who have played the first installment while also keeping the action accessible for newcomers.
The studio says that it will continue to explore a world where colonization and exploitation of frontier settlements are driving an economy forward, with more interesting moral questions for the player base to explore.
But the focus of Titanfall 2 will be on the combat and the interplay between the Titans and the pilots, who have different means to control the battlespace and will probably receive a much wider range of powers that they can mix and match to be effective both on their own and as part of a team.
Titanfall 2 will be launched the PlayStation 4 from Sony, the Xbox One from Microsoft and the PC, and the game will probably be offered before the end of next year.