The developers working on the new Doom experience are aiming to test some of the core ideas of the shooter over the weekend period, with the beta stage for the title set to start on Friday, April 15 and to end on Sunday, April 17, available to all those who are interested in seeing some of the main elements of the game in action.

The id Software team says that it wants to continue testing the core infrastructure and the main design pillars of the shooter, which it has also done in a closed beta test that was offered to all those who have played the most recent Wolfenstein and used their included code.
The open beta for Doom is offered on the PC, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One and gamers can pre-load the data package associated with the shooter, which can be as big as 10 GB.
The Heatwave and Infernal maps will be open to all interested gamers and six versus six action is featured in both the Warpath and the Team Deathmatch modes, with gamers able to use a variety of weapons that feature the rocket launcher, plasma rifle, super shotgun, vortex rifle, static rifle, heavy assault rifle and Lightning Gun, with no access to the BFG just yet.
Only the Revenant demon will be live for the testing phase and gamers can also bring the frag grenade, personal teleporter, siphon grenade, and Gauss cannon into action.
Doom is aiming to keep multiplayer relevant with post-launch content id Software is interesting in getting as many long term fans to test the shooter before it launches because this gives them a chance to become acclimated to the changes in gameplay and to then serve as ambassadors for the title.
The new Doom will spice up multiplayer by allowing gamers to turn into demons at certain points during the battle, which gives them new abilities and makes them more resistant, and there are also modifiers that can enhance a marine's fighting ability.
A new SnapMap tool will be offered at launch, allowing the community to create its own maps and modes and then share the best ones with the public.
id Software and Bethesda are also aiming to deliver their three major downloadable content packs for the shooter, which are covered by a newly announced Season Pass.
Doom will be live for gamers on the PC, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 on May 13.