The first Beta release of the upcoming antiX 16 Debian-based Linux operating system was unveiled a few minutes ago, April 12, 2016, and it looks like it brings some exciting changes that we're about to reveal below.

antiX 16 Beta 1 comes approximately one month after the release of the Alpha build, and it adds quite a few changes for live sessions, which should benefit those running antiX directly from the live, bootable medium without installing the operating system on their computers.
For example, there will be five new LiveUSB features that will make a big difference when using antiX in live mode, even if root (/) or /home persistence is not enabled, such as LiveUSB-Storage, which creates directories for storing files on the LiveUSB, as well as SaveState, which preserves some configuration files across reboots.
"Many changes when running antiX live. We make use of the LiveUSB to save information even if home or root persistence are not enabled. The goal is to make the LiveUSB more convenient without sacrificing user control," the developers have explained.
Sticky LiveUSB boot options, improved Live UEFI bootloader Continuing, the antiX Live session will offer users a bunch of new LiveUSB boot options that should be preserved across reboots, such as automount, mount=usb, mount=all, desktop=xxxxx, savestate, nosavestate, nostore, and dostore, and the Live UEFI bootloader presents users with a "Save" option when selecting "Customize boot (text menus)."
Among other changes, the "nosysv=xxx" option has been renamed to "disable=xxx," the "automount" F4 option received several improvements and should work much better now, the Live boot process should show less warnings and error messages, and the default retry time was increased from 10 to 15 seconds. You can download antiX 16 Beta 1 ISOs for 64-bit and 32-bit systems right now via our website.