For anyone who would like to be part of a team and give us a hand, we would like to clarify the following fact : You are NOT required to upload torrents !

While uploading torrents is much apreciated, it is NOT required if you want to be part of our staff. If you have some free time each day and you would like to moderate the site you can apply for a position in our Staff even if for any reasons you can't upload torrents or you simply dislike doing that.

Actually, right now we need people with a passion for administrative duties even more than we need uploaders.

Once, we used to have Upoader ranks and people were required to go through those ranks and only if they had a good uploading activity they were promoted to Moderator. That is not available anymore. Those ranks have been eliminated and the entry rank in our staff is now as a Junior Moderator. Once accepted and promoted to this rank you can either choose to have administrative duties (editing torrents, moderating the chat and forums...etc.) or you can upload torrents, or both. Everyone does what they like to do.

How does this work :

Anyone who wishes to join the staff is asked to post here :

You will then be contacted by one of our recruiters for a private interview so we can get to better know you, your p2p knowledge and what you wish to do. The Jr. Mod rank is a temporary one. You will have 1 month to learn our site and our rules so you can properly edit torrents and help people. At the end of this month, depending of your activity and the knowledge you acumulated, you will either be promoted to full Moderator or demoted to the rank you previously had. I say you have nothing to we expect that as many people as possible will apply to join us !