Microsoft rolled out two new cumulative updates a few hours ago for Windows 10 build 10240 (RTM) and 1511 (November Update), and just as it happened before, it turns out that some computers are experiencing issues either when trying to install them or after that.

Posts on the company’s Community forums reveal that, at least for the moment, the reported bugs are not so widespread as before, but keep in mind that the updates were released only a few hours ago.
KB3147458 is the cumulative update aimed at 1511 machines, and some of the users who installed it reveal that their store apps no longer work after that.
“The latest update has totally messed up many programs. I cannot access Microsoft store, Microsoft solitaire collection and several other programs. I get a message that they require new app to download and use. Can't get the apps as I cannot get into the store,” one user explains. Others have already confirmed that store apps no longer work on their computers either.
KB3147458 also fails to install There are also reports that KB3147458 fails to install with the typical “Cannot complete install. Undoing changes” error message displayed every time. PCs that are seeing this error are in most cases returned to the desktop but are then reoffered the update only to experience the same issue once again. The solution in this case is to hide the update until a fix is offered.
And last but not least, some Windows 10 users claim that their icons have disappeared from their desktops, although it’s not yet clear if this issue has anything to do with KB3147458 or not.
The good news, however, is that Microsoft is already working with users to address all these problems, as John Wink, a company engineer working on the updates team, is trying to collect more information on the experienced errors to eventually provide a resolution.
If you’re also experiencing any issues with these updates, make sure that you make your voice heard by posting a comment with all the details in order to help Microsoft develop a fix or offer a workaround.