This week, The Division received its first major content drop since it was launched, and while most of the community is happy with the way the video game was improved, there are some gamers who are very annoyed because their characters were wiped out when the update arrived.

Now the development team at Ubisoft is saying that it is aware of the problem but also makes it clear on Twitter that it is not able to quickly solve the issue and that it might take some time to make sure that those affected get their characters back.
It seems that the disappearance act is linked to the login process for The Division, and it is unclear whether all those agents have disappeared forever or if the studio will be able to bring them back at some future point.
Since update 1.1 for the game was launched, Ubisoft has already delivered a hotfix to make sure that the bosses in Challenge mode only drop one high-end reward when they die and to improve the way the Falcon Lost incursion works.

The company says that it is currently tracking feedback from gamers and that it might deliver another hotfix if any major problems pop up or if it needs to tweak a mechanic to improve balance.
Another The Division content drop is coming in May Falcon Lost is just the first of the Incursions that will be added to the multiplayer shooter, with another tough mission for high-end groups set to be delivered next month, when gamers will also get a new range of item choices and more ways to improve their interactions with friends.
Right now, players can trade with each other, there are special gear sets that they can hunt for, and the game has improved the experience associated with the Dark Zone Player versus Player area.
Ubisoft has been criticized recently for the fact that it basically suspended daily missions for a few days before the 1.1 update arrived, and the disappearance of the characters will also draw a lot of criticism from the fan community.
In June, the company is planning to start delivering the paid downloadable content packs for The Division, with Underground set to open up access to the sewers of New York City and introduce a new and powerful faction that needs to be taken out.
There are two other DLC deliveries that Ubisoft is planning to offer this year, and the game needs to be both stable and engaging in order to make sure that players pick them up.