With Windows 10 Microsoft is aiming to create a unified gaming space that will link the PC and the Xbox One, but the quality of recent efforts made by the company has disappointed some of those who believe that the team is still favoring its home console in unfair ways.

Phil Spencer, who leads the gaming division at the company, says on Twitter that the problems associated with the PC delivery of the new Quantum Break have been noticed and that the company aims to do better in the future.

The new Remedy title is offered on both the Xbox One and Windows 10, but it seems that little if any optimization for the PC has been done before launch, and that angered a lot of players who have decided to get this version of the title.
The development team at Remedy is now saying that it is aware of the stuttering and frame rate issues and is working on new ways to eliminate them while also preparing a title update that will add extra functionality, including an option to quit the game from the normal menu, without using Alt+F4 or searching for the X on the window.
Microsoft has been delivering some its high-profile games recently on the PC and plans to further link the Xbox One and Windows 10 when the Anniversary edition of the operating system launches later in the year.
Halo and Gears might remain console exclusives The company is promising a unified store front that will make it easier for users to find the content they are interested in and then engage with it regardless of the platform they are using while also delivering improvements to the UWP system.
For the Xbox One, the next round of firmware improvements will be delivered to members of the Preview program at some point in late May or early June, and the general population will probably get them in June after E3 2016.
Spencer has also made it pretty clear that, while Microsoft is satisfied to launch Killer Instinct, Forza or Quantum Break on the PC, it will probably not do the same too soon for the video games that have defined the Xbox family of devices.
This means that it unlikely for Halo 5: Guardians to get a PC port, although Halo Wars 2 from The Creative Assembly is coming to the platform, and that Gears of War 4, which arrives on October 11, will be exclusive to the Xbox One.