Homefront: The Revolution is trying to take the core idea of the first title in the series and turn it into a much more interesting experience and the development team at Dambusters and publisher Deep Silver need to talk to players about the improvements before the coming May 17 launch date.

The two companies are now implementing a new Merits Program via the official site of the title, which is designed to get gamers to sign up and then receive missions that in turn give them a reason to explore lore linked to the video game.
The reward for completing the mission are combat items associated with the Red Rebel set to use in-game when players get into the cooperatively-focused Resistance mode for Homefront: The Revolution as long as a Xbox Live, Steam or PlayStation Network account is linked to the site.
Seven Merits are offered at the moment, and the developers are saying that more of them are coming before the launch date, although their exact nature has not yet been revealed.
Dambusters is also offering a new Hearts & Minds extended trailer associated with Homefront: The Revolution, explaining how the actions of the player in the various security modes will affect the game world and will allow the population to stand up to their Korean occupiers.
The game is introducing open world mechanics The fact that players will be able to move all through Philadelphia means that they are free to watch the way the Korean army moves around and plan how to distract them to achieve certain objectives.
Members of the Resistance have to carefully explore the world to get access to new equipment and take out enemies while figuring out how to move from the bombed out Red Zones through the under-surveillance Yellow ones to the relatively safe and normal Green Zones.
Dambusters is also saying that it wants to infuse Homefront: The Revolution with more emotion than the previous installment in the series and that protagonist Ethan Brady will have to deal with some complex situations.
Resistance mode is designed to be entirely separate from the single-player campaign and will allow gamers to improve their character with unique gear and skills, with the difficulty level apparently similar to that delivered by the Dark Souls series.
Homefront: The Revolution will be out on the PC, the PlayStation 4 from Sony and the Xbox One from Microsoft.