Great news for fans of one of the most popular instant messengers for mobile devices, as Telegram announced two major updates for Android and iOS platforms. Both updates should be pushed around the same time and include visual and performance changes.

First of all, Telegram launched a new Bot Platform, which provides users with inline keyboards, callback and URL buttons, location permissions, as well as message editing on the go.
The new bots included in the update will also be able to offer any type of content for users that can be shared with friends, including documents, MP3s, videos, stickers, animations and contacts.
Developers also added a fresh new look to the sharing options included in the application. With the latest version of Telegram, iOS users will be able to share photos and videos to other Telegram chats with a comment, as well as send them to other apps.
Brand new video players for iOS app, fully revamped Android app A new video player is now available for iOS users, which can be used to watch videos from YouTube and other services. It also allows users to start watching videos faster.
Telegram developers also made it easier for users to preview sticker packs and stickers. There’s also a new option on iOS, “Tap and hold to preview,” which should work with GIFs in the GIF panel. This feature is available for content from inline bots.
Moving on to the Android application, Telegram received a major redesign. The chat screen has been overhauled, while the colors have been optimized, and some of the buttons and message bubbles have been reimagined. Documents and other attachments are now fully revamped as well.
On a side note, Telegram also announced that the Desktop application also received multiple design improvements, and that it should now fully support the new bots.