If you haven't already noticed, we have one new staff member and one other staff promotion. Gruselgurke, one of our infamous Uploaders and the founder of the GGn Internals has joined our Mod Team! He will still be doing the same amazing work on our Internals and will also be helping out around the forums. We are really excited to have him joining our team and we believe that many amazing things will come of it!

BlackCore, our resident 'Cheater Catcher' is joining me in the rank of Admin! After being a great staff member for so long and in reality doing the work of an admin for ages now, it was only natural to promote him! I can't wait to see what awesome things come of these two! If you see them around the forums or in IRC make sure you say hi and congratulate them on their promotions!

There will be more exciting news later this week so be sure to stay tuned!