When you upload a show do you check to see if it was requested? This is a bounty offered for shows that only the uploader can claim. If you don't claim it the people don't get the bounty back and nobody else can claim it. Don't waste it; claim it. It also notifies those who offered the bounty that the show they have been so patiently waiting for has been uploaded. If the request says "All" "DVD rips only" or something similar then make sure you understand it because you must be claiming a bounty you filled correctly. To those making requests make sure you are very clear on what you are asking for because once it's claimed you cannot change it. Many shows that are in the request page are on site but ONLY the uploader can claim it, so ALL you people who upload shows. Take a few minutes and see if the show you uploaded was actually requested and a bounty you earned has been waiting for you.