It's time for spring cleaning in the IRC server. Dated 22.05.2016 we start iRC to delete accounts that were online last 6 months or more and held under 100FLC. Currently over 1,500 accounts fall within the above criteria. So if you remember when you came last time on IRC, maybe you want to check whether you have recovered some FLC sites. For instructions, connect, visit this page. Also, this way I wish to bring to your attention that currently takes place on IRC two promotions: Those who accumulate 7 days of online IRC (counting is done from now) will see the following changes in the FLC's No. / hour (no grades below Addict benefits from this promotion): Addict ...: 0.564 Elite ....: 0624 VIP ......: 0.72 VIP + .....: 0792 One whose bet will have no site will earn 20,000 (it's about the number of bets, which currently is 18 390, not the least of matches) (Amount wagered * 5) if your team is not winning bet (Amount wagered * 10) if your team's winning bet Useful links instructions connection Help for problems iRC Orders list List of active bets Forum topic: Clean iRC