Few updates on TC

If you are having issues with your torrent clients saying something about ssl and https or about a 'secure channel'; try using qbittorrent or upgrade windows XP to 7. This error is because of certain weak ssl ciphers that I've decided to drop support for in the interest of keeping TCsecure. I am happy to announce in doing so we now have an A+ rating on the Qualy's ssllabs test! You can click here to see for yourself!

While I am sorry for those that are affected (windows xp users using older torrent clients like ut2.x.x and before) we did this in the interest of security. If you're having any problems that you think may be related to this change please Pm Ieatscrayons with as much info as possible(Os, client, versions of both..etc)!

Also there may be some intermittent downtime over the next 2 weeks while we work on switching the site to a new server host and server.