Several jeleztétek and sérelmeztétek to fill the Rules page is too strict requirements in many cases, a standard user is quite complicated and opaque. Difficult and painful to upload if you want to keep all the rules. Uploader this already well-navigate, but we accept that not everyone is easy.
Because one of the basic principles of rigor site is / was, namely, to keep high-quality, reliable materials circulated to users at all times.
However, now yielding to earnings, will simplify the encompassing destination of rules in certain cases and the existing conditions.
we plan the creation of a so-called "Rooter" in addition to filling the current quality materials, where the charge for smaller requirements should be applied, wider opportunities will be made ​​available to you to upload material selection. The current regulations contrary to older movies will be possible, replenish programs, or their mixes, music upload materials and custom compilations as well. The banned substances, of course, still remain, and the seed is the same obligation remains in force.
As the control is simplified these materials, quality is becoming more difficult to maintain, the site does not accept any responsibility for the turkálóból downloaded materials. Of course, these materials are to be clearly separated from "normal" upload from, so everyone can decide if you want to be downloaded or not.
Change and design of the rule system is being developed, but will soon be made ​​into a forum topic is for you, which you then Your ideas can We await what tartanátok appropriate, what do you think fit in order to make it easier to upload and more popular.