In preparation for Steam's Christmas Sales, we are cleaning out the prize bin! For this we are having a posting competition; come join in the fun! You'll get to: Post Whore, Necro Threads, Find New and Interesting Information, Get to Meet Some of our Users, and Win AWESOME PRIZES! All while easily and efficiently gaining experience towards the next level.

Here's how it works:

• We have created a list of 'Prize Posts' scattered throughout the forum.
• Each prize post is a future # (of a post) in a certain thread.
• If you happen to post one one of these prize posts, vuala! You win the prize associated with that post!

See how easy it is?

You will not find prize posts in: Support Threads, Intro Threads, Suggestion Threads, Invite Threads, nor Trashed Threads. There are a few prize posts in Class Restricted Forums/18+, although the majority of them are in forums that everyone can access.

Prizes to be won:

• 100's of GB's in Upload Credit (some prize posts have more than 100 GB's on them alone!),
• Custom Titles,
• Temporary VIP Status,
• Steam Games (if you win one you already own we might be able to find an alternative),
• And a couple of mystery box prizes.

The Steam Games will Include Awesome Titles such as:

• The Half-Life Complete Pack (10 action packed games!)
• The Magicka Collection (a 9 piece collection)
• The Paradox Fantasy Pack (a 6 title collection of fantasy games)
• Fallout New Vegas incl. Dead Money and Honest Heart's DLC's
• The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion GOTY
• Mass Effect 2
• Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
• Far Cry 2: Fortune's Edition
• Nuclear Dawn
• Post Apocalyptic Mayhem
• Audiosurf
• Rush
• And more!

SPAM will not be allowed! Anyone found spamming the forums with useless content will receive a warning. After 2 warnings your forum posting privileges will be removed. If you must spam, take it to the Last Post Wins thread! Are you ready for this? Come get posting now!