New Upload Rules

We have added 2 additional upload rules which can also be seen on the upload page:

1) Scene releases should be uploaded exactly as pred in their original archived state including the .nfo and .sfv file (or equivalent). Extracted or modified scene releases are only allowed 6 months after being pred if not already on the tracker, but the scene group suffix must be removed from the title.

2) GOG releases should be uploaded complete with all the bundled extras that are included when purchased. Incomplete GOG releases are only allowed 6 months after release in the GOG store if not already on the tracker.

Extracted or modified scene releases were delaying or even sometimes stopping members from uploading correctly uploaded scene releases in their original state and many members would have already snatched the extracted / modified version by the time a correctly uploaded scene release was uploaded leading to significantly reduced seeds with an excessive number of members losing their stats when the extracted / modified version was trumped. Similarly incomplete GOG releases were preventing members from uploading the bundled extras.

We will monitor to ensure these new rules work well and they are subject to review. Please feel free to leave any feedback and/or suggestions by clicking here.