It's the end of the 2nd week in June and as promised it's time for the next referral review.

I have now allocated this periods referrals which are once again another repeat of the last period. As usual no-one has been able to carry over referrals, but referrals continue to be generous and some members in the User class are also eligible. Referrals are scheduled to be reviewed once again towards the end of the 1st week in August.

Referrals have been issued as follows:

Users who have been a member for at least 60 days and have downloaded at least 100GB of data - 2 invites.
Power Users - 4 invites
Super Power Users - 5 invites
Elite - 6 invites
Super Elite - 7 invites
Uploaders - 8 invites if you've been a member for at least 60 days and have downloaded at least 100GB of data, otherwise 6 invites.

If you are/were in Kitty Litter at the time of writing and issue you won't have received any invites, but if your account is later promoted back into good standing and you would have been eligible for invites you can optionally apply to receive them at a later date by writing to the
Staff Box titling your message, "KL invite application", but any such applications received after Wednesday 6th July will be automatically rejected.

The IRC #invites channel is as always open for business where members are allowed to give away invites to others, it's up to yourselves exactly what criteria you ask for before issuing an invite, but please invite responsibly.

Please note that once a referral code is issued it only remains valid for up to 24 hours, if a code expires before being used it will be wasted. Invitees are still prevented from signing up with,, or email addresses as they block our email responder and unfortunately this is not expected to change in the near future. Our emails however continue to arrive directly in the Inbox of more providers than ever before including gmail that used to arrive in the spam folder before changes where made to fix the issue and I'm still not aware of any other major providers that are blocking our emails. If your invitee doesn't receive their confirmation email however, firstly please advise them to wait at least 15 minutes and also still check their junk / spam folder just in case, if it's definitely not received the code can be used again to retry with a different email address within the 24 hour period.

Do NOT distribute your referral codes on known invite forums or trading sites of any kind. Invite giveaways are also prohibited on such sites. The only invite giveaways that are allowed are those that are on other class restricted forums or those sanctioned by staff. Doing so will result in you losing your referral privileges indefinitely as well as possibly being disabled along with your invite tree. Please issue your referral codes responsibly. Referrals are subject to change and maybe be reissued, changed or even withdrawn at the sole discretion of the staff at any time.