Because of the problems that P2P network IRC-Network has and that we were, we decided to move back to our own IRC server.
Thus we will have improved service and speed for our bot dealing FLCoins Sports betting (because the old networks that went very bad), Invitation channel etc.

information Server
Port: 6667 Non-SSL | SSL 7000

Basically it only changes that you enter the server address, otherwise everything is almost the same, which was less lag- site, the network splits were, etc.
We really wanted to improve our users' experience on irc and why I did this.

Irc page has been updated with new details.
IRC was reset and license key for each user (so if you made mistake to make it public, you now have a new one).
You will need to register again nick you are using.


[UTIL] IRC commands per hour + Bonus FLCoins
[GUIDE] Log Webchat