EURO16 , poll for the Community Mixtape & Survery
Libble EURO 16 Pool

Libble has started a new series of the community Mixtapes focusing on some of the most requested genres by you according to this poll .
This month's featured community mixtape will be FOLK . This encompasses all types of folk music from the 60s and 70s . Other decades will follow in future mixes . See and Vote for your favorites from the 30 trackes submitted !

Update : Servers are paid for a year !
Big thanks to all donors YOU made it possible !!

What is needed : EUR
Each contribution helps and you will also receive one permanent share rank bonus point for every euro donated !
Help keep Libble going . If you are financially able , please consider making a donation via bitcoin to help us pay the bils ! for details see new donation page and breakdown of costs
Long time members and past donors uncomfortable with bitcoin should please message **** for other donation options
Libble is about to undergo some major changes but we implement them , We'd like to know what you think
Please check it out and it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes

Thank you !!