GFT: Great News

All of us at GFT would like to greatly thank our members for helping to raise enough money to pay off our server bills. Our running budget is 700 euros per month, and sadly over the last year we have often fell very short of this target. Some of the staff have spent much of their own money to help keep GFT alive. However, read below:
Here is some great updates
1: Donors can now set there own custom title. (See User Profile)
2: Donors can now choose GB's as a bonus instead of invites (See Donation Page)
3: Donors can now choose a custom donation amount. (Enter Custom Amount via Donation Page)
Limited time only

In order to help meet our budget, we would like to offer for a limited time FTP leech accounts for any user whom donates 20 euros or more. The more you donate - the more credits you will be allocated.
1: 20 euros = 20GB
2: 30 euros = 30GB
3: 40 euros = 40GB
You will have your own personal login restricted to your IP and can even start downloading a release while it is being uploaded to the tracker. (PM your username and a password of your choice along with the IP you want to use for FTP)
If you would like to take advantage of any of these new features, hit the donate button now!