Vote For the Second TG Debate!

Voting For the Second TG Debate Is Open!

A big thank you to everyone who particpated in the debates and discussions. As mentioned before, all members are free to see the pdf transcript of the event and cast their votes for who they feel made a better or stronger argument. All who vote will get...

2 GB of ratio per vote (for a max of 8GB) if you were part of the live audience.

1 GB of ratio per vote (for a max of 4GB) if you're judging based on the transcript.

Put your natural opinions aside (just a bit) and try to judge people based on how interesting or strong their argument was.

How to Cast Your Vote:

First, grab the FREE transcript torrent here

Review it, then send Klaatu a pm with a list of who you feel made a better argument and 1 sentence as to why you made that choice (for each winner). Just a sentence, you don't have to write essays...

The deadline to vote is Friday, July 1st at 24:00 (midnight) EST.
(Meaning you have about 3 days.)

Once the votes are counted the winners will be announced.

P.S. In a few cases we had last minute entries who volunteered to take slots because other debaters were either late or couldn't make it. You may want to take that into consideration when choosing your winners. See the end notes in the pdf for the details on who...