Welcome to BeyondHD's new site. You found us !!

It has been a torrid few months but everything should return to normal now.

The bad news, due to our main developer going missing in action, we have had to move to the new domain.
We also lost about 6 weeks of torrents/posts. The backup we restored from was from May 15th.

People who donated after this time should contact staff.

Moving from the bad to sad news. r3ko has had to retire from the site as a result of serious family issues. r3ko's 9 year old son Huntar has cancer, and is hospitalised. If you would like more information and better still donate to his care please visit THIS SITE. r3ko's direction will be sadly missed and we will welcome him back, when all is well with his family. MORE HERE.

That leaves me as the reluctant captain of this pirate ship. We have patched a few holes in the hull, and hoisted sails and are underway again.

We have recruited a few new shipmates in the form of Ripster(AKA Halfcrap) a new developer and Chailla who has joined us as Front Line Support. Both who have been invaluable in getting the new site active. Special thanks also goes to Tundra and Narkyy who have worked tirelessly to get the new site ready for launch. Narkyy has been promoted to a well deserved Admin role.
Thanks also goes to all other staff that contributed to the preparations.

The biggest consequence of moving to the new domain is that we have lost the old tracker and ALL the files seeded on it will be unconnectable. That is why we are seeking your cooperation to change the tracker announce details on all the torrents you are seeding.

Tutorials on how to do this for different torrent clients have been prepared by Error and can be FOUND HERE

Now for some good news. The FraMeSToR team have already started to post some new content for you, and we thank them for their continuing loyalty and hard work.

We also have doubled the bonus points for seeding and increased the maximum limit to 500, to reward our most valuable major seeders.
We have wiped all Hit and Runs site wide.

If you find any bugs on site or out of date information please report it in this FORUM THREAD.

Enjoy the new bounties and tell your friends we are back sailing the high seas. We are rising again - bigger - better - faster.