Much has happened recently! We're back, and it's time for a few announcements and reminders. Below: learn about our new forum, new features, contest winners, a contest reminder and updated information about The What.CD Online Store! Check it out, and please enjoy.


Concerts, Events & Meets - Our Latest Community Forum:

What.CD users have always seemed interested in organizing meets and attending concerts. To help facilitate this process we're unveiling the Concerts, Events & Meets forum! This forum will center on the organization of [Concert], [Event], [Meet], [Region] and [Network] threads intended to help Whatters connect. We'll be a bit stricter about thread title standards in this forum, so be sure to read the forum guidelines closely. We hope you enjoy!

Upcoming Concerts - Additional Artist Information:

In conjunction with our Concerts, Events & Meets forum, we're rolling out the new Upcoming Concerts listing in the info section on every artist page. Whenever a relevant event is created in's events database, it'll show up on the appropriate artist page(s) in this section. From here, thread creation in our new forum can be streamlined: clicking [Go to Thread] beside the relevant concert listing will auto-populate as many fields as is possible, format the title properly and allow users to write additional information in the OP. If a thread has already been created, clicking [Go to Thread] will redirect to the preexisting thread.

Multiple Format Uploader - A New Tool:

We're pleased to announce the multiple format uploader! This addition to the uploading page allows you to upload multiple formats of a release at the same time. This feature will be especially useful when uploading the "Perfect 3" mp3 formats (320, V0, V2) (see better.php). Using this tool, you can upload a maximum of 5 additional torrents at a time with an option to add a torrent-specific release description to each. The optional release descriptions should contain information like encoder settings or details of the ripping process (but not the ripping log). Supported Browsers: Firefox, Chrome. Other browsers should work, but may look funny.

The Album Voting System - Added Functionality:

As promised, we've begun rolling out new features centered on our growing body of album votes. Now, whenever a popular torrent group is viewed, you'll see a "What.CD Favorites" section in the right column. This section will list that torrent group's ranking within the year of release, within the decade of release and within the overall charts.


The Tracker of Terror Contest - Costume Doom:
Our Tracker of Terror Contest has come to a close with the determination of the winners for our final stage - Costume Doom. Congrats to our winners, and thanks to everyone who participated! The Halloween costume winners are:
•1st Place: Mystery merchandise prize (large). Custom title. Guest pick.
•2nd Place: Mystery merchandise prize (medium). Custom title. Guest pick.
•3rd Place: Mystery merchandise prize (small). Guest pick.

The What.CD Facelift Contest - Login Page Redesign:

We'd also like to remind you all that The What.CD Facelift Contest is ongoing, and the submission period will end on December 21st, 2012 at 12:00 AM (Site Time). In this contest, we're asking users to give our login page a makeover in the form of a new logo or - optionally - a total redesign. We hope to receive a great many entries, so please participate if you're interested. Check the thread for more contest details, and design your way into What.CD history.

The What.CD Online Store:

What was theretofore the largest update to The What.CD Online Store (FAQ) since its inception was announced during our birthday of what's in stock and when it's going out. A warning: many of our items are being discontinued on December 14th, 2012. This effectively makes all of our current apparel limited edition! We've also re-added what's left of some of our old Rippy Sticker and Rippy Koozie stock (details below), but these items are in short supply. A reminder: all profits from The What.CD Online Store are reinvested into the store itself or are otherwise put toward the ever-increasing costs of maintaining What.CD. No staff member is paid for the work they do.