The Oregon District Judge Stacie Beckerman has rejected accusations of Mr. Cobbler producers, the 2014 film starring Adam Sandler downloaded from an IP address traced to this Thomas Gonzales. But a network address does not represent a concrete evidence that the accused has downloaded and shared the film on BitTorrent, has established Beckerman judge. Gonzales is in fact manage a community that welcomes adults, and as regards the act of "piracy" in question was not the only one present in the building which corresponds to the IPaddress identified by the production company. The court was not therefore presented no direct link between the man and the pirate share. Nor the Internet subscription IP or the failure to respond to a notification of copyright infringement sent to the alleged pirate represent enough material to open a case, the judge ruled Beckerman, because Gonzales is just one of many potential suspects and not the responsible for some of the unauthorized sharing. The disposal of a case of copyright infringement on the evidence Uncertainty is a fact relatively rare in the US legal landscape, but it is not the first time that a court refuses an IP address as the only evidence to baste a process. Exit in the cinema, Mr. Cobbler turned out to be a failure on all fronts and the producers seem to have long been focused on claims against users of file sharing solutions in an attempt to glean a few crumbs of income.