Applications are Open!
The time has come once again to boost the GGn userbase and community by officially opening applications to register for an account! We’re looking to increase our size with an influx of new, dedicated users to really put GazelleGames on the map as one of, if not the best gaming tracker out there! Staff will be meticulously scrutinising each and every application to ensure we successfully seek out good, contributing users to welcome to our wonderful community.

Anybody who does not currently have and has never had an account with us may make an application by clicking ‘Register’ on the login page. From there, applicants must simply answer all of the questions to the best of their ability and provide as much information as possible.

Applicants may only make one application! Do not use a VPN or seedbox when making an application! Processing of each individual application will take some time and applicants are reminded to not ask about the status of their application! They are provided with an App ID upon completing their app that they can use to check the status of the app themselves. If accepted the invite will be sent to the email address they provided, so they must be able to retain access to it. Users will have to wait between one and infinite minutes for a response. If the applicant thinks it is taking too long, we remind them that infinite minutes really is a lot of minutes, and that the time they have waited is guaranteed to be less than infinite minutes.

Maybe you know somebody who would appreciate being a member of this great community, so make sure to let them know that they can apply now!