TorrentLeech version 4 beta is LIVE!!!

Post here comments, suggestions, bugs here!!!

I will keep editing this post with important info so you wont get lost in pages! Dont forget, this is YOUR site! For us means nothing to have something that only we like/love/enjoy. Important that YOU like it people, so make sure you step up and put your suggestions/comments/bugs/5 cents!

1. The OLD (aka current version, 3.0) WONT be wiped. It will bekept active and switched to when beta goes officially live, for the people who prefer the old style.
2. Style sheets will be created on the final version, with different colour paterns
3. Its not optimized yet for smaller screens and/or mobiles/tablets, we are still fixing that
4. Make sure you check your PROFILE on the new site! So many things can be customizable, and so much more are to be added!