Amateur Upload Contest

Since we have been taking in a lot of new members lately, we thought it would be good to provide them with a unique opportunity.

We will have an uploading competition for the next week. The prizes will be awarded by the amount of torrents uploaded this week starting at 27 July 2016 00:00 according to the GGn clock, ending 3 August 2016 0:00.

First prize will be 300GB upload.
Second prize will be 100GB upload.
Third prize will be 50GB upload.
Participation prize of 20GB (upload at least 10 torrents)

Please ensure that you have read all the uploading rules. Any torrents not following the rules will be ignored. Ensure your torrent groups are done well and contain all possible information! If you have any questions regarding uploading, please ask (irc is usually the quickest way to get an answer).

Please note that this competition applies only to users of Amateur class.

If you'd like to participate, please post in the announcement thread so that we can track your uploads.

Happy uploading!