Yes people you've read it right. The phrase "You don't ask us, we'll ask you!" has came into action..

Have you ever..

Wanted to be part of the Staff Team here at AL?
Wanted to help out users in distress?
Wanted to help keep the Forums and the Torrent Section moderated?
Wanted to work along side the great mike1 or Arisela?
Wanted to sort out the Scumbag Leechers that don't seed?

Well my friend this could be your opportunity to shine. We are currently looking for a Moderator to join the staff team, but we have terms and conditions and possibly a disclaimer;

• Current FLS will have Priority over any users applying.
• Your Site Activity will be taken into consideration i.e Forum Post Count, Hit and Run History, Activeness and general attitude around the site.

What We Require:

• To idle in IRC at all times and to be active on IRC as much as site. Staff use IRC for a large part of communication and consider it one of the main staff tools key feature.
• To work Staff messages, Helpdesk messages and reported torrents as and when they arrise.
• To be on site as much as possible during the week whilst setting aside 1 - 2 hours on a set day per week to work the Hit And Run lists.
• You will be on a FLS trial period for 1 month before promotion to Moderator.

Post in the forum thread if your interested and tell us your reason why, what you can offer, what you feel you have or can bring to the site etc etc. Don't worry about not knowing about IRC commands or how to use staff tools, all tasks given to you will be explained and someone will always be about to help you if you need any sort of help.