Open Registrations

Welcome Guys

It’s that time once again where your favourite Family Friendly tracker opens it’s doors for Summer.

We pride ourselves on being one of the best Private torrent sites around with by far the best Community !!

And the time has come for us to open our doors again as a Summer treat from us to you the public , so if you have any friends that would love to join then tell them to sign up, but hurry because once the week is over, we return to being invite only.

We look forward to our new members joining this Summer, so come inside and say hello.

Sign Ups will be starting from the 1st August. For 1 week.

PS :

As a welcome gift all new torrents from our internal release group DiVERSiTY will be freeleech for 1 week .

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ItalianoFBI on 27-07-2016 19:19:18]