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    How to get free internet for Android with Zero VPN

    Hello dear readers. Today I want to share with you a new application that promises to give us free internet for our Android devices. The app is called
    Zero VPN and we can download from Google Play. It has more than 50 thousand downloads in the app store and it’s totally free. Hope the tutorial works for you as It did for me. You can leave me a comment at the end of the post if have questions or need any help. Here we go!

    Important Information – Read Before starting the tutorial

    -We should not have mobile balance

    -We must have an active data plan, but this must be 0 MB
    -It does not take our rooted device
    -The application and its configuration work perfectly with all Android versions from 2.3 through 4.0 or higher
    -The Zero the VPN application can be downloaded from here:

    Zero VPN

    Steps to configure and use the ZERO VPN
    -After downloading and installing the application access to it. You will see a message that says “Ready to go”, we disable our Wi-Fi and activate mobile data of our device

    -Now, in the map that is shown as the background of the application, you click on one of the yellow points and the window of available servers appears. From the list of available servers select the country that is closest to your country, in my case would be “United States”, since I live in Mexico and then you click on the “Connect” button.”

    -Now we just have to wait a few seconds until
    Zero VPN connect to the appropriate server. And that would be all to enjoy our free internet

    Download our Free Internet APK for android and enjoy free internet.
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