Hello Torrentshackers

It has been a while since the last news but here is a catch up!

Hopefully by now you have noticed an improvement to the sites pre times, there has been a lot of work in the background improving this and thanks to all involved.

The ability to upload P2P releases has been added to the Pre page so why not have a look.

You can now view your Upload and Download ratio on your profile page. This can also be hidden should you wish by using the paranoia setting. Please note this does not alter the way the site works and we are still ratioless.

Fancy joining the team ? We are currently looking for First Line Support to assist with the sites invite channel. This will involve interviewing potential new site users. IRC knowledge is a must. If interested please send a staff message with expression of interest.

Invites can now be purchased from the Store for 250000 BP's !

Staff Changes:
Truebanger has stepped down from the staff position We all want to thank him for all his time and effort on the team. Thank you and we will all miss you.
finagle69 has joined the staff team so please all welcome him to the team.

Closing note:
Torrentshack relies entirely on donations to survive, currently we are idling along on life support despite pushing through new features and trying our best to give the end user the site they want. As a result of this we cannot bring content in the way and speed you all want. We have however made leaps and bounds from where we were and this is only thanks to the commitment of our upload team.
It is extremely disappointing when we see site users disrespecting the site and staff on places like reddit. We want to give the content and the speeds but without funding this is just not possible so please believe us when we say we are doing our best and often at personal cost. We do not wish to be begging every month. We are solely relying on the donations of a hand full of regulars and we are so grateful for this, these are the people along with the staff who keep this site afloat.

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