Good afternoon or good morning or good night , it depends on the time you will read this topic
As some know (or not) the bj is back,
And for those who do not know BJ -Share is the largest sharing site via Torrent (P2P ) from Brazil
And as it was and always will be is difficult to get invitations and so I have some invitations to distribute
in some forums / sites so if you are interested ( a) just leave your email address in this topic that will be sending the invitation as soon as possible
Recalling that downloads via torrent are different HTTP downloads
You need to seed the file downloaded at least 1x the total size downloaded and maintain a minimum ratio of 1.0

First of all:

2 Do not send invitations to the same person / email
I will not be solving doubts about the site
Not seeing invitations
I do not send invitations to already registered e-mail and / or banned
Read the Rules and the site FAQ
Give Like and Reply soon as you receive your invitation

Look at Inbox / Spam / Trash , if not, let me know the order
If give duplicate IP or that an account already exists in the IP , try to register by phone ( offline WIFI )
or other connection, such as lan house , friend 's house, her grandmother's house and such
All invitations sent , has up to 3 days to activate and failure to do
He will be canceled and will not be returned , the rules of the site to keep your account stay tuned