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    Attention members!

    It has been brought to the attention of the admins that Just Cause 3 seyter repack, specifically the Just Cause 3 XL repack, contain a bitcoin miner. If you downloaded it it is advised to run a scan using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

    As this torrent was deleted before news of the bitcoin miner was released, we have no way to contact just the people who snatched that game, hence this mass pm.

    If you have a bitcoin miner, Malwarebytes will detect it and will tell you where it is located, you should go to the location of the miner (which is named issch.exe) and check if the folder contains the openCL.dll

    Once you find the folder with the miner inside (one reported location was located inside 'appdata\roaming\logishrd\ISSCH\' although the file path may be different for every user) Once you locate any installed miner program, delete the entire folder and empty the recycle bin. You should now be safe and the miner should be gone (run another scan to be sure)

    For more information you can check the reddit post which brough the issue into the light here:
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