My post copied from a thread, why make it news, well its only fair its said to all as then there is no I didn't read the post if anything like this ever arises! This needs saying and it's been a long time coming. If you don't like what I say, as what I say will prove you don't have to:

This is AL, we are a mixture of people of all ages, from all walks of life. We don't censor lightly, we don't get involved often, well because we believe in free speech and all we ask is that you respect others. I don't see telling someone to lighten up as disrespectful, I don't see someone putting "what are you on", "you got it wrong", "I disagree", "chill the fuck out dude" as disrespectful.

If you post in these forums be it as the original poster or replying to the post, you are posting in a forum and a community that allows for people to reply, that allows for people to give their own view. This isn't a read only forum where you can post and no one can reply or if they do they must agree. This isn't a forum like Facebook where all you get is a like button without the choice to dislike.

That said we ask you to respect people and never get personal, if you feel its personal, report the thread / comment, if we agree we will warn, if we don't we wont. Getting into slanging matches may well result in both parties being warned, this ain't a play ground, we ain't (are not before someone corrects my English although fk me the spelling at this late hour is going to be worse than normal) teachers, or nanny's or parents, get on with it, deal with it, if you don't like people having different opinions.. your in the wrong place.

Harsh? I think not, this is AL, have fun respect each other and learn from other peoples views even if you don't agree.