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    TrueHD :Downloading Permission / Downloader Ranks

    NewDownloading Conditions.

    • We Have two different type of Downloader Ranks Here.....
    • One is Basic Downloader which Can be Get by Applying for Downloading Privileges Here.
    • Other is Universal Downloader which can be Activated by "Activate Universal" Tab on Navigation Bar.

    Difference in Both.

    • Basic Downloader have Access to :

    1. SCR Rips, DVD Rips, 720p Rips and General MP3....

    • Universal Downloader have Access to:

    1. All Basic Downloader Sections and ..
    2. 1080p Rips, HEVC Rips, 2K/4K Rips, M4A Music and FLAC Music Sections.
    3. But You Can't Access Premium Content...

    Team truHD

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