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    Hello and welcome to Bitleechers,

    There is no easy way to put what I am about to say so, I will just get right to the point.

    In the past few months we have updated a few things on Bitleechers to improve the small site you keep coming back to daily. However the improvements didn't do much as far as having more active members in the Community.

    What we have updated:
    1) The Donation System (More bang for the buck)
    2) Ratio Free System
    3) Added Themes
    4) Added new Categories (Android, Movie/Cam, Movie/X265, TV/X265 and more in the Sports area)
    5) Bitleechers Radio (DJ ONLY)
    6) More incentive for ideling in IRC (Giving 2 BP per hour. Was 1 BP per hour)
    7) More incentive for downloading and seeding. Every torrent you download and seed you will get 1 BP per hour for and doesn't matter how many you are seeding. (To help with the lack of Peers downloading from you and trading the BP's in for upload credit)
    8) Allowing Power Users to Upload (To HELP the Community)

    With that said and the lack of active members in our Community, we are now forced to close Bitleechers for good! I was going to close Bitleechers down by August 31, 2016, but I will wait until September 30, 2016. This way the members who have Donated will get most of their time as VIP. I have disabled the Donation page. Why? Because this isn't about the money. This is about having active members on a torrent site! Giving Power Users the ability to help the Community by uploading didn't go over well. Some of you did indeed try, but only around 5 of you did! Why have a nice Community for all members if no one wants to help out?

    I have a thought that might help a little. I was thinking on making Bitleechers a Movie site only. This would include all Movie Categories and XXX Categories. Then make more Categories for each Movie output. I will post in the Forums about this and would like to see who really wants to save Bitleechers and try something different. Everything else on Bitleechers would remain the same as it is. Please go here to tell us what you think or your concerns. If you don't like Forums or don't want others to see what you have to suggest then you can PM me directly. The changes of a Movie Site could take effect as soon as August 31, 2016.

    I am truely sorry for this and wish everyone Good Luck finding a new home for torrenting if all fails. This is in the hands of ALL the members now to decide what you want to do from this point on.


    This is a mass message. Don't answer to it !

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    who changed the name. That’s the old Bitleechers Tracker

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    hi there how come i cant get in to my account have they changed sever not been around for a while i know they have changed there website any help would be appreciated thanks Scott

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