Name: (they are not affiliated with
Speed: 10/10
Support: 10/10
GUI: 10/10
Speed of GUI: N/A (more info below)
Package: 10Gbit/1Gbit
Price: 24.95 Euro/month
Overall rating: 10/10

In Depth Review:
Plans: offers two plan routes:

  • NEW, Metered monthly data-cap, which sits on very capable hardware:
    10/10Gbit link (not a type-o),
    Dual Intel Xeon E5630's (2 x 4 x 2.53GHz physical cores + 2 x 4 @ 2.53GHz HyperThreading),
    48GB RAM,
    3TB disks (non-RAID).
  • Unmetered (don't know its exact hardware specs).

NEW, Metered


You can pay either month-by-month or up front. Those who subscribe to several months (up to a full 1 year) in advance would be treated to some nice bonuses, such as:

  • Up to 10% discount on the overall amount.
  • Up to 2 Additional Tera Bytes to your monthly transfer cap.

Every SeedBox also comes with the following pre-installed:

  • All current major Linux torrent clients: Deluge, r/ruTorrent and Transmission,
  • irssi (you can then install autodl-irssi on top of it).

Some more information regarding the metered-plans:

  • Once you've maxed out your monthly data-cap, you'll still be able to transfer content to your SeedBox at your current plan's max speed.
    However, content transferred from your SeedBox will be limited to 7-10Mbps.
  • From what I've been told by staff, plans are currently being made to introduce in the coming weeks a way for all metered-plan members to purchase additional monthly Tera Bytes of bandwidth, should they max out their monthly data-cap.
  • Hosted on OVH France.

I'm currently leasing the Vampire Box.
At 10Gbit/1Gbit, it all boils down to disk I/Os, and's new metered plans leave little room left to be desired.

Simply put, the speeds you'll be getting, provided you and those sharing the specific physical disk with you

  • Aren't over-taxing your slice's hard-drive,
  • Managed to catch the swarm early,

...are amazing:

Though my Torrent client of choice is Deluge (thin-client mode), I've also tried out ruTorrent with around 115 active torrents (out of which Roughly 25 were actually seeding) - and the interface was very responsive.

:'s support is currently ticket-system/Email only, and yet, the average ticket turn-around time during normal business hours (GMT +02:00) can usually be less than 10 minutes, and no more than 3 hours!

Responses are always thorough, courteous and leave absolutely 0 guess work on your part!

To top it all off, a new, slick support section covering many FAQs previously featured in their Wiki is also being finalized:

Website:'s Website has been put through a MAJOR overhaul during the past few days, and now includes a new Client Area which enables you to control all basic and intermediate aspects of your SeedBox: