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Rules for Requests
- Currently, you can make maximum of two requests
- Search existing requests and already uploaded torrents before you make a new request. Duplicate requests will be deleted.
- Do NOT request for things that are not released yet. For example, DvDs before the official release date. Make sure the item you are requesting exists. Also avoid requesting blockbusters, they are uploaded anyway.
- Do Not request reseeds. Use the “Request Reseed Button”
- Do NOT use comments section, Forums or Shoutbox for requests.

Guidelines for filling new request
- Title: Name of your request goes here. For Example: Paa (2009) 1080p DTS x264.
- Category: Select appropriate category. For example, 1080p BluRay fits above example.
- Image: Link to the poster
- Description: IMDB link should be enough.

Violating the above rules and guidelines will result in warning and possible ban if repeated.

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