Fall Fund Drive: Help waffles continue!
Dear Wafflers,

Our donation system has been rocked by both the loss of paypal last November, and then the breakdown of our bitcoin donation system on the donation page. That's now fixed, and so it's time for a fund drive. Waffles requires 800 euro/mo to keep servers up, and we are a couple months behind. We also have hardware that is in need of replacement, as we've had a bunch of hardware fail over the last year. We would like to ask all users to think about what Waffles means to them and considering donating, as 100% of all donations go to keeping us online, and without the generous help of our donors, we simply couldn't exist!

We will be providing rewards to donors according to this schedule:

5€ - Donor status
10€ - 350 points (enough to convert invites into anytime invites, or trigger half-leech for yourself)
15€ - 750 points (enough for a 48 hour half-leech for yourself)
25€ - 1500 points (enough for 24-hour freeleech for yourself)

Bitcoins are the only way to donate right now. One easy site you can use to get started if you've never used bitcoin before is Coinbase. Moreover, because bitcoins are anonymous and not linked to the user, you will need to notify us with the following information to get credit in a staff pm:
1) your bitcoin wallet id, and
2) the amount you donated in btc.
Once the donation is verified, we'll credit your account with what you have earned.

Easy link to donation page: https://waffles.ch/donate.php
(As always, you can also access it from the top right no matter where you are on waffles)

Thank you very much for all your support over the years and hopefully to come. We are very gracious for all the love our members have shown. This special promotion runs through September 21!