We have received a lot of feedback from users regarding the uploading of Ogg and AAC music files. After weighing up the technical advantages and disadvantages of each of the formats, as well as other factors such as interest and seed retention, the staff team have decided to disallow future uploads of these file formats. The OST Rules have been updated to reflect these new changes, as well as the OST Trumping Chart.

The only formats now allowed for music are those listed below:

  • FLAC
  • ALAC
  • MP3
  • AC3
  • DTS
  • APE

After looking at snatch and long-term seed counts for Ogg and AAC torrents, it has become apparent that the number of users who do prefer these formats are few indeed. We recognise that there is a niche market for these file formats, and some users still prefer to use them over MP3 or FLAC. If you are such a user, we recommend and encourage you to satisfy your needs by encoding the files yourself from a lossless source.

All Ogg and AAC uploads on the site will be removed and future uploads of this format are no longer permitted. Groups currently containing Ogg or AAC torrents without a lossless counterpart will be allowed to remain on site until a lossless release is uploaded, in which case the now redundant formats will be trumped and removed.