On the New Site some things will work differently, but you will get a hang of most of it on the fly. There will be particular policy changes, though, and we are letting you know months in advance.

The required ratio will remain 1.0, but we will handle differently what happens when you fall below it.

(A) Ratio x > 1.0
All good. Standard Site usage.

(B) Ratio 0.75 < x < 1.0 (if you are below 1.0 and above 0.75)
Your account is safe and you can download, but access to 'fancy features' will not be available to you. These include: (bonus) invitations, Site freeleech, all freeleech Genres (Freebies, Blu-rays, Christmas, etc), Community Backups/Community Specials and making Requests. Requesting, btw, will be a grand, complex and embedded feature. In other words, all the fancy stuff is for people who behave.

(C) Ratio x < 0.75 (if you are below 0.75)
Your account will be safe, but your ability to download new torrents will be frozen (you can obviously seed), i.e. you will not be able to download anything as long as your ratio stays below 0.75. We will stop banning for ratio (this never really happens anymore anyway), but also 'acceptable bad ratio threshold' will be higher.

Obviously, in any case to improve your standing you can seed everything, rip and upload and/or donate.

Exempts from the above:
(1) Ratioless classes - Uploader Elite/VIP, SF, HF
(2) Uploaders Lite - "B" limits (0.75 < x < 1.0) won't apply, but ULs below 0.75 won't be able to download anything either. They can rip and upload to improve their ratio. At any point anybody can become an UL, buy a couple of blu-rays and immediately gain tens of gigabytes of buffer this way improving their ratio, and so on. ULs will be also able to fill Requests for bounty. Easy if you're not lazy.
(3) Uploaders - If Uploaders fall below 1.0 they will be demoted to Uploader Lite; the above applies
(4) Newbie Users - There will be a new user class "Newbie User" for anybody who joins the site and ratio will work for them differently and much more flexibly so they have a period of time to adjust to our order.

You have hereby been warned. You have at least 3-4 months to figure out your situation if you're below 1.0 or 0.75 respectively. The Bitcoin promo (x2 bonuses) may be a good start.