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    First i have seedbox Slot 120 Gb '''' 2 user """ so 60 user he ask me that he want my seedbox i said wait becuse same one use it when he finich his time i give you details

    so i give him details and i say this seedbox is for 2 day . he say i need to seed to up my ratio give me same time i said this seedbox for 2 day the next one is all so 2day but if you want it i can give u it but you need to give me 1 week = igiver ok so i give him it then He got problems " log rutorrent bad reponse When contacted team of seedbox said the problem will be fix in the short time so i said wait when he fix it

    he said no you want just the igiver and he say Mark will be all you will not buy anything from me you must give me seedbox or i do this so i said anyway you can apply for givealy for pirat tiz if he chose u the winner i give you detais and you got the seedbox free

    for me and I did not steal your money or samethink so when he did not the admin chose it he do this and he give me negative igiver and he did not offers any think her just talking Please take the actions necessary becuse this is my seedbox i buy it whith my money and he get it free give it just for help
    Dares to do I my reputation tarnished i Do not steal his money or anything

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