Hello, Hello my dear friends and welcome to Morethan.tv season 2 . I hope you all had a great summer; got some nice tan and all.
But now it's the Fall season! It’s time to get back to watching TV and that’s why we’re all here for!

We will resume work and start releasing more shows here at MorethanTV (MTV).

  • Upload

This info can be found in the news thread . Click here!

  • Internals

  • First and foremost, at MTV we believe in the culture of sharing but we also respect the work of the encoder/uploader so feel free to ask our staffs before uploading our releases to everywhere else (with a few exceptions and of course, public trackers)

There are certain contents that, the uploader might just want them to be here on MTV and not anywhere else, especially for safety reasons. So, it’s important to ask first before uploading them to other places.
With that said, I want to give thanks to the users who were nice enough to ask us before ?.

DRACULA is a Morethan.tv INTERNAL group, and only here. If you see our releases on other trackers, that does not mean DRACULA is an INTERNAL group there as well.

Okay, moving on to...

  • Requests and Reseed

  • Well, there is a bit of a problem with this system. Everyone knows the community here at MTV has been nothing but exceptional. However, it’s not without its fault when it comes to requests.

The problem arises when some (not all!) users create requests but end up not downloading them at all.
We use space on our servers, and spend time filling those requests. So it would be great if users to bookmark their requests, check their messages and grab those uploads
We will start monitoring every requests and if a user makes a request but then don't grab and seed it, he will be given a WARNING and his invite & request privileges may be DISABLED.

  • It is the same with reseed requests. Some people come on forum, ask for a reseed, grab it then HnR them.

So the same case will be applied here as well: If you ask for a reseed but don’t seed them for a decent amount of time, you will be given a WARNING and your invites & request privileges may be DISABLED.

  • Invites and Recruiment threads

  • At MTV, we want our users to appreciate the invites they are given. However, there are certain users who don’t. There have been a few users who grab a few releases just to meet the download requirements, take the invite and then proceed to stop seeding those releases.

We, as staffs at MTV, feel that it’s appropriate that to be eligible to request an invite, users need to seed at MINIMUM, 25 torrents, and for at least 2 WEEKS. And as staffs, we can check if you meet the requirements.
So, to make it clear again, if you want an invite then you need to have at least 25 torrents SEEDING in your client and those 25 torrents must be seeded for at least 2 WEEKS.

  • When it comes to recruitments, it has been some time since we closed all of our recruitment threads. So, we have decided to ask you, as users, in this thread to decide if MTV should open ONE recruitment thread.

And last but not least, a short note to for everyone here at MTV.

We never have forced our users to do anything unreasonable. We always try to not clog our front page with news nor bother our users with mass PMs. We just asked and hoped our users to be good users; to seed and demonstrate to others that as a private tracker, MTV can be run by users who believe in the right things to do, and not users who are forced into doing something without proper reasons.
Don't misunderstand my intentions, the gentleman agreement here at MTV has not been broken. The Seeder/Leecher ratio is still ‘green’, but it’s not good not enough. And for that, we urge our users to constantly seed to increase our retention and make MTV even better.
PS: If anyone wants to know about our seedservers, we will post some screenshots on this news thread and we will have discussions if any users want to.

Well…This has been an interesting board meeting. Now, who wants a beer?


You can discuss this here.