Dear ExD Members,

We have started our ExD Membership Program once again.
We will only be accepting a certain number of membership subscribers every week.
This means that if you want to join the ExD Membership program, you should signup soon!

What is the ExD Membership Program?
The ExD Membership program gives exclusive perks to its subscribers. Some of the perks include :

  • Unlimited Torrent Downloads
  • Uncapped Download Speeds
  • Exclusive Movie Releases
  • VIP Badge
  • Private ExD Membership Forum Access
  • Private 24TB FTP Access(Pending : May include 1gbp fee)

What is included in the 24TB FTP Access?

  • First upload of exclusive releases
  • Archive of 8 Years worth of movie releases
  • Uncapped download speeds
  • Direct link downloading instead of depending on seeders
  • Immune to any type of website downtime

Why are we paying if we can download free elsewhere?

The unfortunate reality is that many of the big torrent sites have all shut their doors over the past few years. This includes the likes of BwT, DcT, IDR, etc. DT is the most comparable service to ours, however they are also closed for registration entirely. During this time , it has become apparent that it is not so easy to keep a website online as a free-to-use media portal. In turn, we are asking that the community and family of ExDesi help to fund the campaign.

How do I actually register for a membership?

Click here and fill out our signup form!

Message from MikeNike

It is very tough to run an organization like ExDesi. I truly need the support of our community to help run it to the height that we all know it can reach. We have had a lot of good and bad names thrown at us since we opened, and frankly, I am here to make sure we have a clean community with devoted members and the best releases. I have heard everything about some people not understanding why we are charging. Unfortunately the best way to help people understand this is by saying; When ExD was down, everyone was upset. Now that it is back up, everyone is happy again. So if ExD's existance makes people so happy, how difficult is it to spend just 3.99 per month, towards a good cause like this?

I ask for the members of ExDesi and it's family to stand up and support the organization which never failed to provide the best content!

Lets bring back to the top!


ExDesi Management - DUS - ICTV - ExDR