Beta improvements/updates!

FInally we presenting you the next big update on the Beta version of the site! All this past weeks, we carefully crunch through your feedbacks, so please enjoy few of those updates/improvements/fixes!

  • IMDB info added on browse page, next to each movie/tv torrent
  • Added the long requested number of votes under the IMDB rating
  • IMDB score gets auto-updated now, so no more cached ratings which reflect wrong/old scores
  • Completely rewritten comment structure! Now you can upvote or downvote comments. Also, the Top 5 comments based on score are automatically shown on the browse page. Just hover your mouse over the comment bubble to reveal them!
  • POPCORN Update: Ability to select by Gendre and search in spesific categories!
  • Ability to search by Actor, just by clicking on the cast in any movie torrent
  • Books category got seperated due to big demand to Books/ebooks and Books/Comics
  • HDRip now has its own category and it got seperated from DVDRip/DVDScreener
  • Added new category TV/Foreign
  • Many many MANY few minor bugs!!

We are still keep working round the clock, and we will keep pushing updates after we complete their testing rounds!

Enjoy the site, and always remember to cast your precious feedback here!
Thank you!