Bonus Point and Reward event.

We will be holding an event from now till the day of the website's update (which should be before the 1st). The event is a bonus point and reward event.

Trophy and user upgrade suggestions.

For specific things a user do like uploading a certain amount, being member on a specific day, posting or like a certain amount of posts, uploading specific files, et cetera, they get trophy. Each trophy contains points (account EXP), and the more trophies you harness the higher leveled your account becomes.

We're soon going to add special features and sections for users who reach certain level milestones e.g; 20, 30, .. But in order to level up to 20,30 and beyond a user needs to be able to collect trophies.

You can suggest trophies and upgrade features. Trophies can include both funny random ones, milestone trophies, unique trophies (like uploading something special), or whatever you can think of. You can suggest more than one here.

As for feature, a good VIP section with only REMUX or real 4K contents or new dedicated forums or account features which a user can access after reaching a certain level. Any suggestion goes, but only the most reasonable ones will probably have a shot at winning here.

Suggestions will be held up for a public poll to make it fair and give every user a voice, the winners of the poll are the winners of the contest. We will have a poll for both the trophy rewards and level features.
Good trophy suggestions that don't make the poll (due space or otherwise) will still be added to the system.

  • 1st place: 10.000 BP
  • 2nd place: 5.000 BP
  • every participant gets 1.500 BP regardless if they win or not.

It is also to my understanding that some users already have a lot of bonus point and that the rewards may not be interesting for them. Should you rather choose so, instead of bonus points you will get a special event participation trophy.

  • 1st place: trophy gives 150 EXP
  • 2nd place: trophy gives 80 EXP