Invite Auction #16

We're going with the English auction this month. Keep in mind that this means you may bid multiple times, although in the case of a tie the user with the earlier bid will win. Bid as often as you like! We're auctioning 50 invites this month and the starting bid is 15 million BP. Before bidding, you must read the auction rules as well as the invite rules. Send a Staff PM before bidding if anything is unclear.

Auction Rules
If you win an invite but your invite privileges are disabled, you will forfeit that invite. Check here before bidding.

Only Gurus, Masters, and Torrent Celebrities are allowed to bid.

Your account must be at least one year old to bid.

To make a bid, post here with the amount of your bid.

Bids must be at least 15,000,000 bonus points.

You may bid using lumens at a rate of 1 lumen to 1,200 bonus points.

In the case of a tie, the bid that was submitted first wins.

Bids are binding and cannot be withdrawn after they are placed. Do not edit your post. Make a new post to make a new bid.

By bidding, you agree to adhere to all of the invite rules when using your invites.

Each member may win only one invite (if you already have an invite you may not win an invite in the auction).

The auction runs until the end of September 30th (UTC).

If you win an invite and do not use it within 72 hours, it is forfeited. So make sure to login and check if you win. I will PM all bidders regardless of if you won, so make sure to check your PMs.